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I said yesterday that I would be taking a break for a few weeks, but first I wanted to share two more things. First, the majestic waning gibbous Moon, just past full, close to setting this morning:

7:31 AM CST 2-9-12 (13:31 UT), 60mm refractor telescope and 25mm eyepiece. Click for larger view.

Second, a visual update on the progress of Venus towards the upcoming historic Transit of Venus, only 117 days away as of 2-9-12. Venus is now visibly in the gibbous phase:

1:48 PM CST February 8, 2012 (19:48 UT)
Angular diameter 15.82 arc seconds
71.7% illumination
Distance from Earth 98,020,580 miles (157,748,833 km)
18mm eyepiece

2:37 PM CST January 5, 2012 (20:37 UT)
Angular diameter 13.19 arc seconds
81.6% illumination
Distance from Earth 117,572,894 miles (189,215,232 km)
2:21 PM CST November 29, 2011 (20:21 UT)
Angular diameter 11.46 arc seconds
89.5% illumination
Distance from Earth 135,265,885 miles (217,689,541 km)
4:18 PM CST November 20, 2011 (22:18 UT)
Angular diameter 11.13 arc seconds
91.2% illumination
Distance from Earth 139,346,992 miles (227,254,246 km)
12:03 PM CST January 5, 2011 (18:03 UTC)
Angular diameter 25.58 arc seconds
48.6% illumination
Distance from Earth 60,611,164 miles (97,544,214 km)
10:02 AM CST November 27, 2010 (16:02 UTC)
Angular diameter 44.72 arc seconds
20.6% illumination
Distance from Earth 34,669,885 miles (55,795,771 km)
12:40 PM CDT (17:40 UTC), November 5, 2010
Angular diameter 59.94 arc seconds
2.4% illumination
Distance from Earth 25,866,740 miles (41,628,483 km)

Unless otherwise noted, 8″ reflector telescope, 25mm eyepiece, LG VX8360 cell phone camera.


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Frost on trees, 7:52 AM, February 6, 2012

I need to take a break from blogging for a few weeks to get some important stuff done, so here are a few more astrophotos for you in the meantime. See you in March! (Feel free to leave comments, I’ll try to respond as I’m able.)

4:20 PM CST 1-28-12 (22:20 UT), 25mm eyepiece

11:25 PM CST 2-1-12 (5:25 UT 2-2-12), with my old 18mm eyepiece, which as you can see has some cloudy patches due to damage, but I keep it in the shed with the telescope so I always can use the telescope in a pinch even if I don’t have my other eyepieces with me.

12:59 AM CST 2-6-12 (6:59 UT), 25mm eyepiece

11:36 PM CST 2-7-12 (5:36 UT 2-8-12), 25mm eyepiece

Mars at 7:38 AM CST 1-28-12 (13:38 UT), 25mm eyepiece with 2x Barlow.

All with 8″ reflector telescope and LG VX8360 cell phone camera. Click for larger view, except the Mars photo won’t get any bigger.

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